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Bastinado forced Worship I

Lexa is forced to worship the feet of her Mistress Sallenaz while she is punished with a hard bastinado. Sallenaz is angry and that’s the reason why she whips the naked soles of Lexa so extreme. She forces her to lick her soles and suck her toes. Although Lexa does everything to please her Mistress the bastinado continues while she is worshipping the feet of Sallenaz. No begging is enough for mercy so the punishment becomes a long and hard torture.

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Worship of my slave

Adeline becomes a good slave after humilation, punishment and education by her Mistress Tugce. Now Tugce can relax and enjoy the service of her slave. Adeline washs the feet of her Mistress with champagne. She licks the soles with the natural foot taste together with the taste of champagne. It is unbelivable for her. She becomes more and more horney by worshipping the feet. Licking, kissing, sucking the soles and toes makes her really wild. A passion of lust, fetish and pure erotik is in the air.


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Bastinado forced Worship II

MasterDaPain forced us to serve Sallenaz. Sallenaz ordered me to bastinado Marsha O until her feet become warm. I wasn’t able to punish her hard enough. Sallenaz humilated me and I had to lick the dirty soles of Marsha. But she wasn’t pleased. She punished us both. Marsha and me were chained for bastinado punishment. She beat our naked soles until we worship her soles. We had to clean her shoes and to lick the dirty soles of them. She was so angry that she didn’t stop bastinadoing us merciless. Although we did everything she ordered us like licking her soles, sucking her toes, cleaning her shoes, self bastinadoing and bastinadoing each other she didn’t stop punishing us. We received many hundred beatings.
Suddenly MasterDaPain came in. He was angry because Sallenaz wasn’t hard enough to us. My soles were burning and he wanted more pain for us. Sallenaz, Marsha and me were punished for our mistakes. He punished all of us with traditional falaka. This was one of my most shameful and painful day.



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Foot Tickling

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Lady Rose like to punish the lovely feet of her slave. Tickling is a bitchy torture because you feel pain although you're laughing.

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