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Sex and Footjob

Foot fetish is a sexual attraction one has for feet and it can be a part of sexual practice. Footjob is the pure practice of foot fetish and sex together. You can also inlcude foot fetish elements when you have intimacy with your partner. Have a look in our sex and footjob album and see some examples.
(The pictures in the member area album have no censorship of genitalia.)

Lesbian Worship

Mia and Vivian are a lesbian couple. They like feet fetish in their sexuality and we can get a taste of these 2 hot sexy Ladies who lives out there erotic desires to the limits. It’s amazing how they integrate worship, nylon feet lick and fetish passion into their lesbian sex games.

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claudia_s_footjob_226_pre red_toe_nail_108 dangling_artworx_105 tugce_nylons_de_luxe224 forced_to_kiss_by_2_females_351_pre nasty-foot-erotic_171 fetisizm_111 feet_fetish_capture_131 vic392_pre fetisizm_132 ania_bondage_pre_103 red_heels_pre_102 tanja_in_distress_pre_103 ruzgar_303 fishnet_nylons_104 fetish_passion_da_lez_152 feet_fetish_capture_168 worship-of-my-slave-004
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