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Sinful Trample 1

Mistress BenimSin likes high heel and barefoot trample. In part 1 of „Sinful Trample“ you can watch her trampling in high heels on the hands, fingers, breast, head and body of her slave. He really enjoys the sadistic passion of his Mistress although it is extremely painful.

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2 Antworten auf Sinful Trample 1

  • I just have few questions about trampling.

    Will it hurt? Ist paining a lot? Will you stand in all your weight in barefoot and high heels?

    How far will you go?

    Will it keep some marks or mmm.

    Which places you like to trample?

    Will you enjoying this

    Wish you a wonderful day

  • It’s up to you how much pain you want. If a woman like Mistress BenimSin does the trample it doesn’t hurt so much at the beginning. But it hurts after minutes more and more. Heel trampling is really painful because all the weight is focused on the small little high heels.

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